Boat Fire at Hansel’s Marina

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On Wednesday; 7/18/07 – Engine 422 was alerted to a possible boat fire at Hansel’s Marina off of Drum Point Road in the 42-18 box.  E422 arrived and investigated the boat which had a smoky haze in the cabin. Fire shortly after made it’s way up through the cabin and engulfed the boat, which was still moored to the pier. Several units on shore as well as Fire Boat 42 worked to get the now floating free boat fire under control.  FB42 was the only marine unit that was dispatched to arrive on scene.

There were no injuries reported. The boat was destroyed and 1 other had minor damages.

Vol. Crew:

FB42 – Chief D. Browning, FF E. Lumpkin, FF L. Parks, FF R. Whittington & FF T. Whittington

U42/BT42 – Lt C. Nutwell, FF J. Crandell, FF P. Loiacono & FF R. Mudd

E422 – Career Personnelboatf_071807

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