MVC w/Entraptment at Rt 2 & Jewell Rd

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On Monday; 11/12/07 at 1545 hrs. – Truck 42 responded along with other units to a MVC with entrapment at the intersection of Route 2 & Jewell Road in the 42-30 box. Tk42 arrived on scene shortly after Engine 91. The patient was extricated and transported to the LZ. Trooper 8 flew patient due to injuries with E411 & U42 handling the landing site at Tracy’s Elementary.

Vol. Crew:

Tk42 – FF L. Parks & 4-Career Personnel

U42 – FF J. Mettam & FF R. Whittington

Pictures Courtesy of FF J. Mettam & FF L. Parksrt2-jewell_mvc_111207-1 rt2-jewell_mvc_111207-2

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