Overturned Propane Tanker on Owensville Rd

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On 11/17/06 at approx. 0830 hrs. – Truck 42 responded along with several other units to an overturned propane tanker on Owensville Road between Tenthouse and Cherry Branch Roads. Units arrived and found a single-vehicle involved with propane leaking from the tanker. The driver of the tanker was treated for a minor hand injury. The tanker was carrying about 2500 gallons of propane at the time. Approx. 8 homes in the nearby area were evacuated and provided shelter at the near by Galesville Fire Station. The decision was made to burn off the remaining fuel so the tanker could be moved.

Engine 422 was later dispatched to the scene for tanker shuttle operations; which were needed to keep the overturned tanker cool and prevent possible explosions while the propane was being burned off. Units were still on scene well after dusk. Utilities were utilized on scene assisting with cleanup.
Tk42 – Career Personnel

Vol. Crew:

E422 – Asst. Chief C. Nutwell & FF R. Whittington

C42 – FF J. Crandell

U42 – FF E. Lumpkinoverturned_tanker_owensville_111706-1 overturned_tanker_owensville_111706-2

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