Two Chimney fires and a Five alarm fire in the 08-21 Box

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On Sunday; 12/07/08 Station 42 was alerted for two Chimney fires. One was in the 1400-Blk of Snug Harbor Rd at 1614 hrs and the other in the 1300-Blk of Holly St at 2137 hrs. Engine 422 and Truck 42 responded on both while Engine 421 remained in-service at the station.

At approximately 2240 hrs Fire Alarm requested transfer crews due to the dwelling fire in the 08-21 box near 3300-Blk of Shore Dr.  Tk42 transferred to Annapolis City Station 38 (Taylor Avenue) and E421 to Annapolis City Station 35 (Forest Drive).  On Monday; 12/08/08 at 0043 hrs E421 was dispatched from Station 35 on the 4th Alarm of the Shore Dr fire. E422 was also dispatched cold to refresh crews on the scene.  E421 & Tk42 returned home from the call around 0430 hrs and E422 returned home around 0700 hrs. Everyone did a fine job on all the calls and thanks for coming out and helping.

Picture Courtesy of Woodland Beach VFDmultiple_chimney_fires_120708-1 multiple_chimney_fires_120708-2 multiple_chimney_fires_120708-3 multiple_chimney_fires_120708-4

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