MVC on Rt 258 & Franklin Gibson Rd

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On Monday; 10/1/07 at 1130 hrs. – Truck 42 responded to a MVC at the intersection of Route 258 & Franklin Gibson Road.  Tk42 arrived on scene, found a MVC involving a dump truck and a water delivery truck.  The dump truck was overturned on the roadside of southbound Rt 258, while the water delivery truck was in the northbound lane.  Both vehicles had significant front end damage, though all persons involved self extricated themselves before units arrived on scene. Two Deale volunteer members were also on scene. Driver of the overturned dump truck was transported to PG Trauma via PM1 and the other driver was flown to PG Trauma via Trooper. There was also one refusal.  Tk42 remained on scene for about 1/2 hr and went available at 1200 hrs.

Vol. on Scene:

J. Howard & C. Episcopo

Tk42 – B-Shift Career Personnel (2)

Pictures Courtesy of C. Episcopo258_mvc_100107-1 258_mvc_100107-3 258_mvc_100107-2

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