MVC with One Overturned at Rt408/Sands Rd

- in Recent Calls

On Monday; 9/07/09 at 0051hrs. – Ambulance 429 responded along with E451 (transferred to Co.9), PM1, EMS3 and PG E845 to a report of an MVC with one overturned at the intersection of Route 408 & Sands Rd in the 09-01 box. PG Chief 802 arrived first on scene and advised property damage only, E451 arrived shortly after and found 4 pts that had already self-extricated.  A429 assessed the pts, PM1 transported one to Children’s in DC due to mechanism. Remaining units went in-service at 0145hrs.


A429 – FF P. Loiacono and FF S. Rohr

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