Truck off the roadway on Deale-Churchton Rd

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On Friday; 11/9/07 at 2210 hrs. – Engine 422 responded along with AAPD to a reported vehicle fire on Deale Road adjacent from the Post Office.  E422 arrived at that location and found nothing.  Fire alarm advised that the caller was actually on Deale-Churchton Rd across from the Churchton Post Office.  E422 proceeded to that location and found a pickup truck off the roadway into the ditch.  Medic 42 was called to the scene and was canceled due to patient refusal.  The driver of the truck was not injured. AAPD was also on location and E422 when available shortly after.

Vol. Crew:

E422 – FF P. Loiacono, FF E. Lumpkin, FF J. Mettam & 2-Career Personnel

MU42 – EMT D. Whittington & 2-Career Personnel

Pictures Courtesy of FF J. Mettamdeale-churchton_mvc_110907-1

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